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Get On Target

Jun 27, 2016

Gun Wars

The basic concept of Gun wars is simple. Bruce Owen and Birdman compare 2 guns against each other directly for a certain purpose. These guns are either property of Bruce, Birdman or The Hub, they are not review units and the results in no way will or can be influenced by being loan, gifted or sponsorship. The tests are done in real time and each gun is shot and review at the same time. No gun will be shot and cataloged for reference later. 

All ownership of guns will be disclosed and if a similar gun is owned it will be mentioned during the audio podcast. We believe that this process with yield the best possible comparison of two guns based upon experience and understanding of firearms and their use. Others may find different results, but we believe this process will yield the least biased results possible.

Questions are always welcome and yes we will even try something differently, in fact we encourage you to try things yourself or even challenge our results as we agree upfront that every user could have a different result.

Single Stack Shootout - Part 2

Video Overview -

Based upon sales at The Hub and the most often asked question on the range we've decided to tackle the question of "Which 9mm single stack firearm is the best." As with any testing of firearms there are always many factors outside of the performance of the guns themselves that most be considered. We are going to start with the 4 most popular ones and then from there we will get into modification and some possible others, based upon what you the listener would like to learn.


For the next round is the Springfield XDS versus the Glock 43. Both guns shot were factory and from the Rental Department of The Hub Range.

Springfield as Tested

Glock as Tested