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Get On Target

Mar 17, 2017

In this episode Michael and Birdman chat about the DigiTrigger.  

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Multiple Firing Modes:

The DigiTrigger has 2 firing mode options. There is standard digital mode which allows for a much lighter trigger pull. This will also allow you to fire much faster than the normal mil-spec trigger pull. There is also our Pull/Release Mode. This allows 1 shot per pull of the trigger and 1 shot per release.

Increase Rates of Fire:

Because the DigiTrigger has such a precise and light trigger pull it will allow you to rapid fire like you never have before. It will also not affect accuracy as much due to less trigger play. With our PR mode your gun will shoot at a higher rate of fire due to the pull and release functionality.

Compatibility Options:

Our trigger system is compatible across any mil-spec AR-15 lower. We have tested our product on all major AR systems. The most important requirements of your lower is the acceptance of a mil-spec trigger group AND removable trigger guard.

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