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Get On Target

May 18, 2016

Listen as Birdman chats with Tactical Squirrel CEO Tina Sturlaugson.

Why are we doing this?

We are passionate about our US Military Veterans and First Responders! They sacrifice and voluntarily serve to keep our country and communities safe, and protect our freedoms.  The focus of this box program is to support that passion by working to fill the box with products from companies who support Vets and First Responders through the sale of their products.  As such, simply by purchasing this subscription, you are helping these groups of great folks and their families!  Tactical Squirrel provides their subscribers a box each month filled with a fantastic cross section of amazing products.  

How are we different?

First, this box has ammo as a staple product that will be included nearly every month direct to your doorstep!  Second, everything we associate with revolves as much as possible around helping others.  This is why we work directly with great companies such as those you see on the home page of this website – to name a few –  Axelson Tactical – the family of Navy SEAL Matthew Axelson who was KIA in Afghanistan fighting for our freedoms in Operation Redwings.  Team Never Quit – a brand started by Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, which focuses on the Never Quit mentality and always moving forward no matter the circumstance.  These and many other Veteran owned, and supporting companies who dedicate their business to helping others, will be the source of products for your subscription box each month.

Thank you for joining this movement with us!