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Get On Target

Jun 12, 2015

Bruce and Birdman discuss a very cool rifle, that gets even cooler when a supressor gets added to it.

Listen and find out why 22 Rifles can be a lot of fun.

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The 100% American-made Ruger American Rimfire® bolt-action rifle builds on the enormous success of the centerfire Ruger American Rifle®. With many of the standard Ruger American Rifle® features, this new line also combines several design innovations from the popular 10/22® rimfire rifle. This combination, along with the rifle's adaptability, appeals to bolt-action enthusiasts - whether young or old, novice or experienced.

The Ruger American Rimfire® bolt-action rifle is available in both standard (22.00" barrel/13.75" length of pull) and compact models (18.00" barrel/12.50" length of pull), each in either .22 LR, .22 Magnum, and now .17 HMR.


Threaded Barrel models now available in both Standard and Compact variations.