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Get On Target

Mar 9, 2015

Birdman and Bruce Owen chat a bit about the attitudes one needs to carry safely ad effectivley. Mostly from a mental aspect.

Then Bruce reviews the FN 5.7 in the CCW-Hiking category and explains why this is an incredibaly cool and effective gun.


Click for FN 5.7 Website


Combined with the 5.7x28mm ammunition, the FN Five-seveN® MK2 pistol is adapted to different types of close quarter defensive and training scenarios. Optimized to be used in any condition the operator may encounter.

Highly Accurate

The accuray and flat trajectory of the 5.7x28mm cartridge gives a high hit probability up to 50m.

Extremely low recoil results in quick and accurate firing.

High Capacity Magazine

The FN Five-seveN® MK2 pistol can accept up to 20 rounds in the magazine.

Extremely Light and Ergonomic

The light weight of the slide and barrel, made possible by the 5.7mm calibre, and the reduced weight of the cartridge make the loaded weapon much lighter than traditional handguns.

Well-balanced, with smooth contours and no protruding parts, the FN Five-seveN® MK2 pistol will instinctively be handled correctly and is extremely easy to use.

Fully Safe

The FN Five-seveN® MK2 pistol features an ambidextrous manual safety that blocks the trigger mechanism and avoids any accidental firing.