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Get On Target

Jul 30, 2016

Bruce and Birdman discuss some of the things you'll want to think about before jumping into your very first gun purchase. 

These steps can save you a lot of time and money and take it from two guns who have wasted both in the quest for the perfect gun....for whatever use they might need.

Jul 23, 2016

Bruce and Birdman take a little reset moment to talk basics and all around a gun that most people have or have thought about.


This is the multi-purpose weapon that fits a lot of different defensive and fun uses.


See if you can guess without checking the video first.


Once you listen, take a...

Jul 18, 2016

Birdman sits down with Michael Grossman of The Hub and asks the questions you've been asking him online.

From the new way Trusts are handled to the removal of the need for LEO signatures. Listen and get all the details.


During the podcast Michael references SilencerCo and here is the link to their website - 

Jul 16, 2016

Video Overview at -


MantisX is a revolutionary patent-pending handgun attachment that helps firearms enthusiasts and professionals train more efficiently. While attached to a handgun, it analyzes every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve your...

Jul 8, 2016

Gun Wars

The basic concept of Gun wars is simple. Bruce Owen and Birdman compare 2 guns against each other directly for a certain purpose. These guns are either property of Bruce, Birdman or The Hub, they are not review units and the results in no way will or can be influenced by being loan, gifted or sponsorship. The...