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Get On Target

Jan 29, 2015

Fresh back from the SHOT Show Michael and Bruce talk about the show itself, the booths and items they liked and a little bit about how they think 2015 will be from a ammo and arms accesability aspect.

Also it is the podcast debut if my 3 month old duaghter (sorry about that.)



Jan 15, 2015

Bruce and Birdman talk about the most recent gun distributer show and the upcomming SHOT show in Las Vegas.

Discussed are some of the new guns from Ruger including the new version of the favorite LCP.

Additionally hear about how Bruce feels this will be the year of revolvers and how SIRT trainings will be getting even...

Jan 1, 2015

Learn how to increase your accuracy and efficiency with your gun m with zero ammo cost.

Bruce and Birdman discuss the SIRT Laser Gun and the Laserlyte Target.

Stop by The Hub and see them yourself.

Jan 1, 2015

This weeks episode is all about the gun that changed everything.

See how the Glock 17 rates in the CCW-Hybrid category.