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Get On Target

Feb 9, 2018

Recorded in the Birdman Media Studio, located next to The Hub.

This is the 200th episode!


In this episode Bruce and Birdman chat about the Glock 19X, Point of the Gun.

Full Video @


What a Glock was before Gen5: reliable semi-automatic handgun, with defensive accuracy proven  like no other

What Gen 5 changes bring to the product: increased grip fitment means better control, increased accuracy meaning extended range hits


Glock 19x Rants & Raves:

First factory colored pistol made
Second factory colored box
Based on Gen 5 pistol
Full size frame/ Mid size slide with new crowned marksman bbl, 3" at 50 yd/ ransom
NPVD coating on slide
2/17rd +2 magazines and 1/17 round
lanyard plug, removable




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