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Get On Target

Aug 4, 2017

In this episode Bruce and Birdman discuss "What's that number mean?" and firearm terms/definitions; caliber, bore size, metric dimension, gauge size, reloading, and hand loading.

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The Point of Ammo

Caliber is the approximate diameter of the bbl

45 cal   .451/1000 of an inch

38 cal / .357

9mm developed in Europe, metric .355 diameter


44 mag  .429 dia

Gauge vs. Bore

Gauge is determined by weight in fractions of a pound of a solid sphere of lead with a dia equal to the inside dia off the bbl

1/12 # ball fits in a 12 gauge bbl so 12 gauge


Except 410 which is a bore size of .410 inches but it would have been a 67 gauge although was at one time called a 36 gauge


Safety, safety, and more when reloading