Get On Target (Video Overview)
This is the show where you get to find out all about The Hub's Gun Shop and Gun Range. Hosted by Rob "Birdman" Hephner and Bruce Owen

The T/C Encore Pro Hunter is available in .243, .30-06, or .308 as a complete rifle or chambered in .223 or .308 as a pistol. The interchangeable firearm system is fully supported with accessory stocks and barrels ranging from .204 to .500 S&W Magnum along with additional shotgun, slug and muzzleloader barrels.


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I know we've covered this gun a lot, but for the price it is a serious value.

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Video to support the Audio Podcast where Bruce and Birdman take a look at a holster that claims to be "King of Comfort."


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Take a Look at the Innovative Features of the Cobalt Kinetics Rifles

From there website;


Cobalt Kinetics loves firearms. We are students of their history and heritage. Cobalt Kinetics is fascinated by how they work and how they are made. We are inspired by the engineering and precision of a well-made weapon. Cobalt is driven to create firearms that are more effective, more reliable and more rewarding for the owner.

We founded Cobalt Kinetics because, as gun enthusiasts, we were not satisfied with the status quo – rows of the same mediocre guns on every gun shop wall across the country. We wanted better firearms, but we knew the firearms industry had no real reason to change itself. So, we decided to change the industry.

Cobalt Kinetics designs and builds firearms with bold aesthetics, cutting-edge technical innovations, state-of-the-art engineering and meticulous precision. Firearms that inspire a passion for shooting because they look, feel and work better than any others. Firearms that other companies only dream of building. The firearms we always dreamed of owning.

Cobalt Kinetics wants you to share our love of firearms, to own firearms that deliver beauty, quality, performance and value far beyond their price. We want your firearms to be a source of great personal pride and create a personal legacy that can be shared for generations.

Above all else, we want you to experience shooting without compromise, to have the confidence you need to put the round on target every time whether you are in the field, on the range, on guard or on point.

We want your firearms to be Cobalt Kinetics firearms. The ultimate combination of artistry, attitude and performance.


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Listen to the entire review -


Bruce and Birdman Review the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 Holster and the Alien Gear Steel Core Gun Belt

From Alien Gear's Website

Cloak Tuck 3.0

Alien Gear Holsters' Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster is the most comfortable concealed carry holster on the planet. Any planet. This hybrid holster is the next evolution within the Cloak Tuck Series, providing concealed carriers with improved retention, enhanced flexibility and superior comfort. IWB concealed carry holsters have never felt this good. Engineers at Alien Gear Holsters have added an ultra-strong stainless spring-steel core into the Cloak Tuck 3.0. This advanced holster material delivers more retention and durability to this holster base, allowing for years of hard use without breakage. This, coupled with a new layer of ballistic nylon, provides more strength and support to the Cloak Tuck 3.0 inside the waistband holster. We have also evolved our surface material into an engineered thermo-elastomer 'Alien Skin' texture, which enhances holster retention, drag and durability. To enhance the comfort of this inside the waistband handgun holster, we have minimized the hardware by adding more neoprene to the Cloak Tuck 3.0. This ultra-soft material will form to your side, while dispersing the weight of your pistol or revolver across the entire concealed carry holster base. The flexible 'holster wings' will also mold perfectly to your side. To customize your holster comfort, we have made it easy for you to adjust your Cloak Tuck 3.0's cant (angle) and ride height by simply relocating the holster clips provided. Our engineers have also made it possible for you to customize the holster retention to your gun with the turn of a few screws. All holster shells within the Cloak Tuck Series are fully swappable. The Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster is backed by an Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. This includes a 30-Day Test Drive, free shell trades for life, and a Forever Warranty. If anything on your holster breaks for any reason, Alien Gear Holsters will repair or replace it for free.

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From the 2-12-16 Podcast.


SHOT Show 2016 has re-energised the Industry and Bruce and Birdman talk about how it continues to excite, based upon guns continuing to show up at the store.

One in particular is the Tanfoglio Limited.

Go ahead and count the times I say "Beautiful" and "Fabulous."

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Now Available at The Hub


Nemesis SL 37mm Launcher (Gen 3)

NEMESIS SL 37mm Launcher is the latest in 37mm launcher technology available to the civilian market.  The Nemesis SL can be rail mounted on any rail system, or configured as a stand alone system with one of our E1B stock systems.  This signaling device is the first under barrel 37mm launcher to have a double action trigger.  Additionally the Nemesis SL is a side loading 37mm launcher accepting all 37/38mm casings, combine that with the outstanding strength of the Nemesis system and a whole new class of high quality signaling device is now on the market. 

The Nemesis SL 37mm launcher is manufactured and constructed in Oregon by Exotic Firearms LLC. This 37mm launcher is currently legal in all 50 states and Canada, must be 18 years or older to purchase. 


Deluxe 37mm Reloading Starter Kit - NEW!!! 37mm Ammo kits just released.

37mm Starter kit containing:

6 - Aluminum Casings
2 "Bird Banger" kit
16 - payload cup caps
10 - fused Large payload cups
3 - Large payload cups
2- Small payload cups
1 - 4" fused XL payload cup
10 - powder bushings
Flying fish "bee" fuse
Black powder measuring tool
Primer punch
Reloading information booklet
1 - Rocket Flare Projectile
1 - Multi smoke projectile
1 - Star insert pack
An overall savings of over $30.00 off buying the pieces individually.

This 37mm ammo kit includes all that is needed to begin reloading your 37mm launcher except, primers, black powder and a hot glue gun.

37mm Parachute Flare Construction Kit

37mm Parachute Flare Projectile Construction Kit. This kit contains four 37mm parachute flare projectiles with four launching tubes, four pushing cups to use as caps, a disc insert pack, one Este 24" parachute, and instructions. The color selected is the color of the 37mm ammo. White currently available more colors coming soon. Launch tubes and Parachutes are reusable. Will fire out of both 3.5" and 4.5" casings.

The Parachute flare tool (sold separately) is recommended for reloading this round.



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Liberty Suppressors
Owners – David and Teresa Saylors

Liberty Suppressors is a Georgia based company with family values and a warm charm that makes some of the best silencers on earth! When you purchase a Liberty silencer, you are joining a family of firearms enthusiast that take great pride in owning and using high quality products that are made in the USA. Rest assured that each silencer made here at Liberty is of the highest caliber and made with the very best materials for the job at hand. There are no spun or stamped pieces in a Liberty can that are just tossed together. They are cut from bar stock to insure that each part is made true and concentric. Your Liberty silencer will be the best unit that can be had…period. Every Liberty Suppressor is a work of Art with a lifetime guarantee on a product you can enjoy for many years to come.

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Description of the Mystic X


Adaptable to a large variety of firearms with our mounting solutions. Please call with special applications and we can discuss a solution that would work for you.
The Mystic X was born from a need: the need for a “Swiss army knife” of silencers, so to speak, for first time suppressor buyers. The first time buyer is literally overwhelmed with the amount of intel that is currently available. Due to this problem, we feel that the first time buyer needs a choice that will allow them to “dip” their toe into NFA and be able to have the most versatile suppressor available at the same time. Armed with this idea, we took one of our most popular suppressors, one that has already been adopted by many first time buyers, and improved on it. The Mystic X is the ultimate first time owner’s silencer!
Made entirely from Titanium and Stainless Steel and coated with type “C” high temp Cerakote™ this suppressor weighs in at a paltry 10.5 ounces and only 13.9 ounces with a recoil booster installed in it. This suppressor can be “dipped”, ultrasonically cleaned, sand blasted, or soaked in harsh solvents without fear of damage to the unit.
Did I mention that it is also full auto rated? Well it is!!! It is rated for seven different calibers in full auto and 53 calibers in semi auto giving the T/C guys as well as hunters and target shooters a large host of options.
We have developed a series of mounting solutions for the Mystic X to include several booster options as well as many variations in fixed barrel mounting solutions as well. All of the mounts are available in black now as well.
Designed with Dual Arc Baffle technology, the Mystic X is incredibly quiet for a centerfire monolithic core suppressor. Although the real treat is the Mystic X performs really well on so many centerfire rifle and handgun calibers. The 7.62 x 39 and the 300 BLK are prime examples of this. Not only in subsonic, but many rifle calibers are also rated for supersonic speeds as well. 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 357 Maximum or 9×25 Dillon? No problem! The Mystic X loves all these rounds and many more! Being takedown in design, this suppressor is a favorite of people using cast lead bullets. It is well known that lead buildup in the 9mm and 22LR suppressors is a reality and the Mystic X is perfectly suited for this application.
We also performed an accuracy test to see how it would affect performance on a 300 Blackout bolt rifle (a nice little handy hunting rig) Group size without the suppressor averaged right at .75″ at 50 yards with 208 AMAX subsonic loads, and shot exactly the same with the Mystic X mounted, with no perceptible point of impact shift either. We like a 50 yard zero as this gives a PBR of about 150 yards with the 208 sub loads, so that is what we chose to test at as well.

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Welcome to the Get On Target at The Hub Show, a show about Guns, Ammo, Safety and Training, not just the products themselves but the proper mindset of how they should be used.

Listen and Watch as we bring you the experience of the professionals at The Hub directly in our unique and innovative format - wherever you are, on your time.
From Point of The Gun, Gun Wars and Practical Reviews Get on Target will help you save time, money and most of all help you have fun with whatever gun you choose.

So let’s get to the show and we hope to see you at the range soon.



- Available for many pistols, including Glock, Smith & Wesson, Colt Model 1911, Beretta and others. Don't see a kit for your pistol? Use our request button to request a kit for your pistol model. Once demand is sufficient, we will create the system for your pistol model and notify you of its availability.

- a revolutionary, patent-pending firearms training system that utilizes CO2 and an integrated laser to convert a standard pistol (your pistol) into an effective firearms training tool.

- With each pull of the trigger, the CO2 provides recoil and the integrated laser emits a pulse that may be registered on a laser target.

Safe - Live ammunition cannot be loaded while the CoolFire system is installed.
Effective - By combining CO2-activated recoil with an integrated laser, provides a more realistic and
effective training experience than other dry-fire systems.
Economical - Train at a fraction of the cost of firing live rounds. Maintain and Enhance your firearms
skills while saving money and conserving ammunition.
Reliable - Robust design for repetitive, long-term use.
Easy Installation - No Tools Required!
Train Anywhere!


Remember to visit for schedules, specials and your guns and ammo needs. 

Get on Target at The Hub is a production of Birdman Media, please check out our other great shows at


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Video Overview


It is a staple of every gun collection, so finding a good deal on a used one is almost always easy.

The Remington Model 870 is a pump-action shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms Company, LLC. It is widely used by the public for sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense. It is also commonly used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide.


The Remington 870 was the fourth major design in a series of Remington pump shotguns. John Pedersen designed the fragile Remington Model 10 (and later the improved Remington Model 29). John Browning designed the Remington Model 17 (which was later adapted by Ithaca into the Ithaca 37), which served as the basis for the Remington 31. The Model 31 was well liked,[4] but struggled for sales in the shadow of the Winchester Model 12. Remington sought to correct that in 1951 by introducing a modern, streamlined, rugged, reliable, and relatively inexpensive shotgun – the 870.

Sales of the 870 have been steady. They reached 2 million guns by 1973 (ten times the number of Model 31 shotguns it replaced). By 1996, spurred by sales of the basic "Express" models, which were added as a lower-cost alternative to the original Wingmaster line, sales topped seven million guns. On April 13, 2009, the ten millionth Model 870 was produced; the 870 holds the record for best-selling shotgun in history.[5]

Design details

The 870 features a bottom-loading, side ejecting receiver, tubular magazine under the barrel, dual action bars, internal hammer, and a bolt which locks into an extension in the barrel. The action, receiver, fire control group, safety catch and slide release catch of the Remington Model 870 shotgun are similar to those used on the Remington Model 7600 series pump-action centerfire rifles and carbines. The basic fire control group design was first used in the automatic 11–48.[6][7] Twelve gauge stocks will also interchange on the older 12-gauge-sized 20-gauge receivers, although modification is needed to fit the smaller sized 20-gauge receivers employed since the late 1970s. Several parts of the 870 will interchange with the semi-automatic Remington 1100 and 11–87.

The original 870 models were offered with fixed chokes. In 1986 Remington introduced the new Remington "Rem Choke" system of screw-in chokes (also fitted to Remington model 1100 auto-loading shotguns at the same time). Initially, the Rem Chokes were offered only in 12 gauge in barrel lengths of 21", 26", and 28". The following year the availability was expanded to the 20 gauge and included other barrel lengths.[7][8]

Production 870s for over 30 years had a design whereby a user could fail to press a shell all the way into the magazine when loading such that the shell latch did not engage the shell, and such actions could tie up the gun.[7][9] This was caused by the shell which slipped out of the magazine under the bolt in the receiver to bind the action, requiring rough treatment of the action or even disassembly to clear by the uninitiated. The potential issue was resolved with the introduction of the "Flexi Tab" carrier. Guns with this modification can be identified by the "U"-shaped cut-out on the carrier, visible from below the gun. The cut-out, combined with a modified machining on the underside of the slide assembly, allows the action to be opened with a shell on the carrier.


There are hundreds of variations of the Remington 870 in 12, 16, 20, 28 gauges and .410 bore. In 1969 Remington introduced 28 gauge and .410 bore models on a new scaled down receiver size, and in 1972 a 20 gauge Lightweight version was introduced on the same sized receiver, and all of the smaller gauges today are produced on that size receiver. From the original fifteen models offered, Remington currently produces dozens of models for civilian, law enforcement, and military sales. 870 variants can be grouped into:

Express – Matte blue/black bead-blasted with hardwood, laminated hardwood or synthetic stocks and chambered for 2 3/4" and 3" 12 or 20 gauge shotshells. All Expresses have been chambered in 3" in 12 and 20 gauge, but markings have varied.
Marine – Nickel plated with synthetic stocks.
Mark 1 – adopted by the United States Marine Corps in the late 1960s and saw service into the 21st century. The Model 870 Mark 1 has a 21 inches (53 cm) barrel with an extended magazine increasing total capacity to 8 rounds, and was fitted with an adapter allowing use of the standard M7 bayonet for the M16 rifle.[7][10]
MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun) – A new modular version of the M870 which can be quickly modified with different barrels, magazine tubes, and stocks for different purposes, such as urban combat and door breaching.
Police – Chambered in 12 gauge only with a 3" magnum chamber. Blued or Parkerized steel finish. These models feature a stronger sear spring, carrier latch spring, and a forged steel extractor (as opposed to the MIM extractor found on Express models). Receivers are stamped "Remington 870 Police Magnum" as of 2014.
They are equipped with Police-specific walnut or synthetic stocks which are fitted with sling mounts. Walnut stocks lack checkering as found on the Express/Wingmaster models. 870P models come with matching walnut or synthetic forends that are shortened to prevent interference with most vehicle-mounted rack systems. The shortened forend also allows quick visual inspection of the magazine regardless of what position the forend is in, whereas the lengthened sport-type forend on other models partially blocks the loading port when pulled to the rear.

Police models are available with 18" or 20" barrels, with or without rifle sights, and have a standard capacity of four rounds. They can be ordered with a two or three round extended magazine tube from the factory, bringing total capacity to 6+1 (18" barrel) or 7+1 (20" barrel). All police barrels come with an Improved Cylinder choke unless special ordered.

Super Mag – Chambered for 3½" 12 gauge shotshells.
Wingmaster – Blued steel with high gloss or satin walnut stocks. They have been offered in Skeet, Trap, and field configurations. Originally the basic Wingmaster was chambered for 2 3/4" rounds and came with a fixed choke, and the 3" chambered versions were designated Magnum models. Models built after 1986 offer the RemChoke Interchangeable choke tube system, and the 12 and 20 gauge versions are chambered in 3" for either 2 3/4" or 3" shells. Prior to the introduction of the "Police" model 870, altered Wingmasters were popular among law enforcement.

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Video Overview


Another Point of The Used Gun - Don't miss out on these in-store gems.


The Marlin 30-30 (officially known as the Marlin 336), is perhaps the second most popular lever action rifle in history, trailing only the Winchester 1894 (which was also chambered in .30-30 Winchester).

There is a good reason why the Marlin 30-30 is so popular: it is a reasonably priced, utilitarian, powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use rifle. These qualities have helped make the Marlin 336 one of the most prolific hunting rifles in the United States. As a result, countless deer, elk, bear, and feral hogs have fallen to the Marlin 30-30 over the years.

As a deer hunter, especially one hunting in a thickly wooded area where long range shots are unlikely, you could do a whole lot worse than choosing a Marlin 30-30 as your primary hunting rifle.


The Marlin 30-30 was born in 1948 when Marlin introduced the Marlin 336 rifle. The lever action Marlin 336 is a direct descendant of the Marlin Model 1893 and Marlin Model 36 rifles and shares many common characteristics with them. However, one thing that sets the Marlin 336 apart from most other lever action rifles is the fact that it ejects from the side of the receiver instead of the top.

Over the years the Marlin 336 has been offered in a wide variety of calibers, including .219 Zipper, .32 Special, .44 Magnum, and .410 bore. However, the Marlin 336 is currently being produced only in .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington. The rifle is currently produced with either a 20-inch or 24-inch barrel and has a full-length tubular magazine that can hold six cartridges.

The Marlin 336 comes standard with open sights and there are several types of peep or ghost ring sights available to use with it. However, because the Marlin 336 ejects spent cartridges from the side of the receiver and has a flat top, many hunters choose to mount a scope on the rifle.

Realizing this, Marlin builds the rifle with a reversible hammer spur to aid with the use of a scope.

Lever action rifles are often lightweight, easy to carry, and quick-pointing. Weighing in at only seven pounds, the Marlin 336 is no different. Though the .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington are not great performers at long range, they really come into their own at short to moderate range.

These characteristics make the Marlin 336 a great “woods gun” for hunters who need to take a fast, short-range shot on a big game animal.

It’s tough to determine with certainty which particular cartridge has killed the most deer in the United States over the years. However, it’s a good bet that the .30-30 Winchester is in the top three (if it isn’t number one).

Since the Marlin 336 is one of the most popular rifles chambered in .30-30, it follows that the Marlin 30-30 is one of the most commonly used deer rifles of all time in the United States with untold numbers of deer falling to it over the years.

The great news is that a hunter armed with the Marlin 336 isn’t limited to just hunting deer. The .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington are both great cartridges for hunting a wide variety of North American big game animals.

At reasonable ranges, there is no problem using the Marlin 336 on feral hogs, black bear, elk, or even moose (especially when using the .35 Remington).

The Marlin 336 is also a very accurate and quite durable rifle. There are plenty of old model 336s out there (like the one in the photo that was produced in 1949) that are still being used successfully by hunters each year.

As long as it is properly cared for, the Marlin 336 is certainly a rifle that will give you and your grandchildren many good years of service.

Description from -

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Bruce and Birdman talk about a combo of guns (Rifle and Handgun) that use the same ammo. This can make things easier when out shooting and when shopping for ammo as well.

Several listeners have asked us to talk about these type of combos and how they can affordably get both.

We show here a couple guns from the Used area at The Hub, which has plenty to choose from. And of course you might find these guns elsewhere as well.



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The Practical Tactical League has been going on for well over a year now and the fun just keeps happening 3 Thursdays a month on the range.

You'll never know what you might find as a shooting challenge, but you will certainly find  that it will challenge you in a way that makes learning fun .

Not only will you get to have fun yourself, but you'll meet new friends and get tips you just can't find in any other environment.

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Video for Another great used gun for a great price that you can currently find at The Hub.

(Be aware - Gun is on sale in store and could be sold at any time.)

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Bruce and Birdman review this very awesome combo of 22 target pistol and suppressor.


Classic Feel, Modern Design. No other 22 LR pistol provides the feel of the classic 1911 pistol with the proven reliability and value of the Ruger® 22/45™ pistols. The perfect trainer, it allows for low-cost practice and provides shooters with the familiar and preferred grip shape and feel of the famous 1911 45 caliber pistol.

In addition to the identical grip angles, the 22/45 features the same fire control locations (manual safeties, magazine releases and bolt hold-opens) as the 1911, making them perfect for 45 caliber shooters looking for an affordable way to train. Also perfect for plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting, the 22/45 is available in a variety of configurations and barrel lengths, each with the same trusted reliability that Ruger has delivered since 1949.

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Take a look at this excellent used gun with some pretty cool extras.


Available today at The Hub!

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Video Overview of Episode 65

Bruce introduces a new category based upon The Point of the Gun for Used weapons.

This Colt Target 22 is in the case here at The Hub and available for sale, but you might have seen one near you and have wondered about it.

Be sure to check out the Video Overview as well.

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This is a match-up you know you wanted to see.

There are tons of fans on either side of this shoot out and we tell you exactly how we feel about these two guns.


Glock 17 | G17Glock 17 | G17
Designed for professionals, the GLOCK 17, in 9x19, is the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide. Because of its unsurpassed reliability, above-average magazine capacity of 17 rounds in the standard magazine, and its low weight, it is trusted by law enforcement officers around the globe. With our revolutionary "Safe Action" trigger system, the G17 9x19 pistol is safe, easy, and quick-just what you need in high-pressure situations.

Click for Glock 17 Webpage


Meet the M&P from Smith & Wesson.

Reinforced polymer chassis, superior ergonomics, ambidextrous controls, proven safety features. The new standard in reliability when your job is to serve and protect and your life is on the line.

Available in .40S&W, 9mm.

In the design of the M&P, we considered the needs of military and law enforcement from every conceivable angle. No other polymer pistol offers this combination of versatility, durability and safety.


Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Webpage

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Just a quick video showing Birdman's Smith and Wesson M&P 9c Pistol that has been talked about in the past.

Direct download: SW_MP_9c.mp4
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Bruce and Birdman both believe that this is a highly effective way to train, for a variety of reasons.

Take a listen as the explain the ins and outs of all of these components and how they come together to make an awesome training regimen.

A Video Overview is posted as well.

Advantage Arms Webpage for Glock

SIRT Pistol Website

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Bruce shows off his favorite concealed wheel gun.


Smith & Wesson 637 Gunsmoke Wyatt Deep Cover .38SPL

Lightweight Personal Defense. The Smith & Wesson 637 Gunsmoke is a traditional double action revolver that reduces weight by way of an aluminum alloy frame. Chambered for the .38 Special cartridge, it has a five shot cylinder and barrel liner that are constructed out of stainless steel. It is rated for +P ammunition, which makes it a handful when shooting more than a cylinder or two.

But there’s no reason to shoot lots of hot, duty-type ammo through this small revolver. The gun's purpose is simple- it was designed to save your life in an emergency. It is specifically geared toward the concealed carry market, an area where it has served with distinction for several decades.

The 637 is lightweight, compact, easy to carry, easy to draw, easy to use and enjoys an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The Smith & Wesson Airweight is celebrated for its reliability, while remaining one of the best carry revolvers ever made.

For those that question the practicality of a revolver, keep in mind they don't jam- up, stovepipe, fail to feed or extract. Compared to semi-autos, revolvers are not only more reliable mechanically, but they are also more forgiving with operator error, and are much simpler to operate under stress.

With revolvers, there’s no chance of limp-wristing or creating a stoppage. There's no magazine to accidentally release and no slide movement to impair the action (if blocked, if ejected shells bounce back into the ejection port, etc.).

Loading and unloading are much easier, and accomplished by using gravity to drop rounds directly into the cylinder, versus the wrestling match new shooter's often experience attempting to push rounds into a magazine under spring tension. In addition, revolvers aren't picky about the types of ammo they fire.

When encountering misfires, rather than highly skilled clearance drills required to get a semi- auto back on line, revolvers only require that an operator squeeze the trigger again. More importantly, revolvers are capable of firing while remaining completely concealed.

Auto's require sufficient distance from objects like clothing to cycle properly. Yes, basic gun handling skills prevent some of the operator-induced mistakes that can cripple a semi-auto. However, these type of errors are practically non- existent on revolvers.

The Smith & Wesson 637 Airweight is outfitted with a 1.875" barrel and weighs in at just under 1- pound. Notwithstanding its snub- nose barrel, this revolver shoots remarkably straight. It has been hand fit to precise tolerances and sports a pair of Smith & Wesson holster grips.

The hammer has been bobbed to provide a snag- free profile and "Gunsmoke: Wyatt Deep Cover" has been custom etched on the side of the gun. Although the Airweight sports a heavy double action trigger, it remains safe in all concealed carry conditions.

Overall, the Smith & Wesson 637 Gunsmoke is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a custom self- defense handgun.

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