Get On Target (Special Edition)
This is the show where you get to find out all about The Hub's Gun Shop and Gun Range. Hosted by Rob "Birdman" Hephner and Bruce Owen

In this episode Bruce and Birdman chat about WHY the change?!? Lead-Free Range at The Hub!  

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Article about Lead Testing -


What happens when you shoot.

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In 1982 a Handgun entered the market that would forever change the manufacture, sales and uses of handguns in the world. With a simple design and solid performance, Glock has positioned itself as the standard for polymer handguns in the world.

This Episode Bruce and Birdman talk about the things you can pick on Glock about and the areas in which those who don't like them, simply avoid.


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Have you drunk the Glock-Aid and either way, what do you think?

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This Episode Bruce, Birdman and Michael chat about the SHOT Show, the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

From the Attendance to the Products, hear what they saw and what and why they didn't get to see some things on the show floor.

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During this Episode of GET ON TARGET listen as Michael Grossman and Birdman chat about the upcoming SHOT Show and why Michael feels that it will be different.

Also get the buyers perspective on what he thinks will happen in regards to certain NFA items and CCWs moving forward. 

While sales are gangbusters like they are in the times of uncertainty, the future is bright for gun owners and those looking to buy in the near and far future.

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In this Episode Bruce and Birdman talk about the Election and the possible outcome of what could be....

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Birdman sits down with Michael Grossman of The Hub and asks the questions you've been asking him online.

From the new way Trusts are handled to the removal of the need for LEO signatures. Listen and get all the details.


During the podcast Michael references SilencerCo and here is the link to their website -


Rule changes explained here -


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Birdman sits down with Barbara Hatch after the Show Low Veterans Heritage Project book signing.

A Unique Model for the Enhancement of Education

Military history is the subject, but the skill sets developed by the students are much broader, more personal, and the experience is life altering.

The scope and sequence of VHP teaches high school students real work skills that will enhance their adult lives. Simultaneously, the veteran interviews have proven to be a major catalyst for personal and academic goal setting, as well as creating a passion to work for a social cause.

Skill Sets:

Interview Preparation and Research: Interview Preparation requires in-depth research. The students conduct an interview with a “stranger,” developing questions, creating a “personal” atmosphere, and listening attentively as each veteran tell his/her own story.

Writing and Editing: Students are required to develop writing and editing skills in order to create an essay that is professional quality for publication.

Business Planning: Students collaborate in developing and executing a business plan in preparation for publication of the book.

Personal Accountability: Specific goals are established, job responsibilities are created, and deadlines are monitored by the students themselves.

Public Speaking: In developing public speaking skills, students summarize their interviews and broader learning experience in a formal presentation to the veteran community at the year-end reception.


Bio for Barbara Hatch, Veterans Heritage Project (9/22/15)


After growing up in Illinois, Barbara’s teaching career took her to Senegal with the Peace Corps, Iran, and the U.S. Virgin Islands until finally landing in Phoenix after Hurricane Hugo.  Last year was her twelfth—and last— year at Cactus Shadows High School in Cave Creek, her 40th overall.  She retired to devote her energy to her nonprofit, Veterans Heritage Project, her husband, and her golf game!


In 2003 Salt River Project offered 5 grants to high school students to document local history.  Cactus Shadows students in the then-named Arizona Heritage Project archived the Cave Creek Christmas Pageant.  From 2004 to the present, over 900 students have listened to, recorded, and sent to the Veterans History Project the military service stories of over 1,050 veterans from World War II to Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan.  We are currently working on Volume 12.  We have expanded from one book to four!


Barbara’s students have been recognized by the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society, Military Order of the World Wars, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Rotary, Kiwanis, and the Arizona and National Council for the Social Studies.  She herself received the DAR’s Mary Smith Lockwood Medal for Education, the Copper Sword Award from Arizona Veterans’ Hall of Fame Society, and the Gilder Lehrman Arizona History Teacher of the Year for 2012.  She has also received the Patrick Henry Silver Star award from MOWW, Freedom Foundation’s George Washington Medal, Arizona Social Studies Teacher of the Year, and placed in the Top Ten Arizona Teachers of the Year.  None of this would be possible without her dedicated and patriotic students.


Barbara is excited to inform you her school club has grown to a 501© 3 that has expanded to 19 schools in Arizona and one outside Arizona—Marquette Catholic High School, her alma mater, in Alton, Illinois.  Veterans Heritage Project’s vision is to add more schools in Arizona and across the nation to connect students with military veterans through the patriotism of our youth, ensuring the preservation of the freedoms for which our veterans fought.


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Listen as Birdman chats with Tactical Squirrel CEO Tina Sturlaugson.

Why are we doing this?

We are passionate about our US Military Veterans and First Responders! They sacrifice and voluntarily serve to keep our country and communities safe, and protect our freedoms.  The focus of this box program is to support that passion by working to fill the box with products from companies who support Vets and First Responders through the sale of their products.  As such, simply by purchasing this subscription, you are helping these groups of great folks and their families!  Tactical Squirrel provides their subscribers a box each month filled with a fantastic cross section of amazing products.  

How are we different?

First, this box has ammo as a staple product that will be included nearly every month direct to your doorstep!  Second, everything we associate with revolves as much as possible around helping others.  This is why we work directly with great companies such as those you see on the home page of this website – to name a few –  Axelson Tactical – the family of Navy SEAL Matthew Axelson who was KIA in Afghanistan fighting for our freedoms in Operation Redwings.  Team Never Quit – a brand started by Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, which focuses on the Never Quit mentality and always moving forward no matter the circumstance.  These and many other Veteran owned, and supporting companies who dedicate their business to helping others, will be the source of products for your subscription box each month.

Thank you for joining this movement with us!

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Video Overview -

Birdman talks with Matthew Smith of Sure Shot Exploding Targets. While you may not have heard of this brand of exploding target, once you see them in action you'll want nothing but Sure Shot.

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