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This is the show where you get to find out all about The Hub's Gun Shop and Gun Range. Hosted by Rob "Birdman" Hephner and Bruce Owen

This Episode Bruce and Birdman take the novice crack at the comparison of the SIG P226 versus the Glock 17 as the new Special Forces Gun.

Looking at things from the Concealed Carry perspective Bruce and Birdman continue the conversation about these two very good guns, their Pros and Cons and which one stands out on top.


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Also be sure to listen to Part 1 as well.

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This Episode we welcome special guest Former Master Chief Ron Bellan (Reaper01) of the NAVY SEAL TEAMS.

Ron, Birdman and Michael Grossman talk about the recent announcement of the move from the SIG P226 to the Glock 19 for the SEAL Teams and the rest of the Special Forces for the US Military.

Ron shoots both guns on the range and then all three chat about what they feel motivated the change and how they think it will affect operations in the field.

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Also stay tuned for Part 2, where Bruce and Birdman take their shots as well.


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This Episode Bruce and Birdman chat about the Elections and what they could potentially mean for the firearms industry and The Hub in general.




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