Get On Target
This is the show where you get to find out all about The Hub's Gun Shop and Gun Range. Hosted by Rob "Birdman" Hephner and Bruce Owen

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.


If you've liseted to the show you know we encourge concealed carry in public and not open carry. But, if you stop in the store you'll see a lot of open carry. That's not meant to be intimidating, but to open conversations about certain types of guns and also to let our customers know they can carry in the store as well.


We believe if a shop can't trust you to carry in their place of business, they have no business selling you a gun. 

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Bruce and Birdman talk about Frog Lube, Custom Coatings from Robar and a variety of others things you can do to your gun.

Remember, if you have any questions we are here to answer, ask away!

To check out the coatings we talked about stop by The Hub and ask about Robar.


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Bruce loves his wheel guns.


The original Dan Wesson revolver improved on the accuracy and service life of the traditional double action revolver design in a few ways. The tensioned barrel of the DW interchangeable barrel system enhances accuracy, pulling the barrel tight like a guitar string, enabling it to vibrate at the same frequency every time. The forward crane latch, located in front of the cylinder and paired with a rear ball detent helps to ensure proper cylinder/barrel alignment during firing. Superior to the rear locking designs of other revolvers, it adds to the accuracy of the 715.

While the tensioned barrel definitely improves accuracy above other revolvers, it’s the consistent cylinder/barrel alignment that contributes most to the accuracy of the design.

Additionally, the clockwise-rotating cylinder reduces stress on the crane, since it turns in the same direction the crane locks, prolonging service life and keeping everything tight. The 715’s frame is robust, built to handle the heaviest of factory loads.

Each revolver is shipped in a custom Dan Wesson hard case. Patterned after the ever-popular Pistol Pack, each case has compartments for three additional barrel assemblies and factory-supplied barrel wrench kit.

Dan Wesson - CZ

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Bruce gives the details on all the new Firearm 101 classes that are limeted to 2 students per session. That's right, very personlized instruction that helps anyone learn the ins and outs of whatever type of firearm they would like.


Check out the calendar for the next class and get scheduled today - Click for Calendar


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