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This is the show where you get to find out all about The Hub's Gun Shop and Gun Range. Hosted by Rob "Birdman" Hephner and Bruce Owen

Bruce shows off his AR-15, one with a pretty cool history, listen and you're sure to learn at least one new thing.


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The AR-15 is a lightweight, intermediate cartridge magazine-fed, air-cooled rifle with a rotating lock bolt, actuated by direct impingement gas operation or long/short stroke piston operation. It has been produced in many different versions, including numerous semi-automatic and select fire variants. It is manufactured with extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials.


The AR-15 was first built in 1959 by ArmaLite as a small arms rifle for the United States armed forces. Because of financial problems, ArmaLite sold the design to Colt. After modifications, the redesigned rifle was adopted as the M16 rifle. In 1963, Colt started selling the semi-automatic version of the rifle for civilians as the Colt AR-15 and the term has been used to refer to semiautomatic-only versions of the rifle since then. Although the name "AR-15" remains a Colt registered trademark, variants of the firearm are made, modified, and sold under various names by multiple manufacturers.

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Bruce shows Birdman possibly the coolest wheel gun going.


• Most Powerful Production Revolver in the World Today
• Massive .500 S&W Magnum® Cartridge 2600 ft/lb. Muzzle Energy
• A Hunting Handgun For Any Game Animal Walking
• Recoil Tamed with Effective Muzzle Compensator
• Internal Lock
• Ultimate Defensive Carry and Dangerous Game Backup Handgun
• Easily Removeable Muzzle Compensator for Different Recoil Reduction Effects and to Accomodate Different Types of Ammunition
• Comes with 2 Compensators; 1 for Lead Bullet and 1 for Jacketed Bullet Ammunition
• Muzzle Energy Capability in Excess of 2000 ft/lb. in a 56 oz. Package

In 2003 the gunsmiths and engineers at Smith & Wesson wanted to deliver maximum power for serious handgun hunters. The power they sought required an entirely new frame, the massive "X-Frame™," and was the basis for the new Model S&W500™, the most powerful production revolver in the world.  This ushered in the era of the "big gun" and was only the beginning.   For ultimate power and velocity there's nothing even close to an X-Frame model handgun. 

Current Model S&W 500

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The Remington 870 is a standard in the home defense realm and finding a used one is always a great deal, Find out what to look for in other used shotguns and a little about how different ammo work in them as well.

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Birdman and Bruce Owen chat a bit about the attitudes one needs to carry safely ad effectivley. Mostly from a mental aspect.

Then Bruce reviews the FN 5.7 in the CCW-Hiking category and explains why this is an incredibaly cool and effective gun.


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Combined with the 5.7x28mm ammunition, the FN Five-seveN® MK2 pistol is adapted to different types of close quarter defensive and training scenarios. Optimized to be used in any condition the operator may encounter.

Highly Accurate

The accuray and flat trajectory of the 5.7x28mm cartridge gives a high hit probability up to 50m.

Extremely low recoil results in quick and accurate firing.

High Capacity Magazine

The FN Five-seveN® MK2 pistol can accept up to 20 rounds in the magazine.

Extremely Light and Ergonomic

The light weight of the slide and barrel, made possible by the 5.7mm calibre, and the reduced weight of the cartridge make the loaded weapon much lighter than traditional handguns.

Well-balanced, with smooth contours and no protruding parts, the FN Five-seveN® MK2 pistol will instinctively be handled correctly and is extremely easy to use.

Fully Safe

The FN Five-seveN® MK2 pistol features an ambidextrous manual safety that blocks the trigger mechanism and avoids any accidental firing.

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