Get On Target
This is the show where you get to find out all about The Hub's Gun Shop and Gun Range. Hosted by Rob "Birdman" Hephner and Bruce Owen

In the Handgun Hunting Category the Super Blackhawk Ruger Hunter is a standout, listen and find out why.

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Bruce talks to Birdman about The Point of The Gun for the Ruger 22/45 Lite an awesome target gun that has a cool twist. That's why it falls into the Target - Hybrid category.

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Bruce tells Birdman all about the Ruger Alaskan, how this gun fts into the Woods Protection catagory and some suprizing facts about its accuracy.

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Bruce and Birdman discuss the Glock 42 and how it scores as a CCW

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Birdman and Bruce Owen introduce "The Point of The Gun" a series that talks about guns as they were intended to be used.

Each specific model is categorized and then judged based upon its merits within that category.

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Birdman and Bruce talk about choosing a holster that is right for you, your gun and the situation in which you might use it.

Also how having more than one holster is usually always the case.

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Birdman and Michael talk about random stuff and specific AR15s.


Think Pistols

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All about a new membership deal, The Hub Gun Acdemy and Law-a-Way details

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Birdman and Bruce talk about the new Couples Class and a few other new items.

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Things are a bit random after the first 4 days of sleep deprivation for Birdman.

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Birdman and Michael Grossman talk about the fear of guns, what usually happens when people overcome it and one recent incedent that has a single mother of two fighting for her freedom.

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Birdman and Michael discuss the end of summer, what's happening this weekend and the state of ammo avaialbility.


Also some of the reasoning behind ammo restrictions on the range.

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Bruce Owens and Birdman dicuss the new "FREE" seminars for people that are new to guns.


Learn all about how to attend these classes and when they will be offered only at The Hub.

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Birdman and Michael Grossman discuss a new line that is being carried at The Hub.


Learn about the custom options of these very cool guns and how to make one your own.

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Michael Grossman and Birdman discuss the recent tragedy involving a 9-year old and a fully automatic Uzi.


Find out how Respect is pivitol and how it will help everyone to avoid issues with guns.

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Birdman chats with Jerry Butler about his experiences with guns growing up and how he enjoys the Practical Tactical Shooting League.

Remember to give feedback on both the iTunes Store and also

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Birdman and Michael Grossman of The Hub discuss Michael's new gun and all about why you still have a hard time finding 22 Long Rifle Ammo. It is not really a conspiracy.

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Birdman, Michael Grossman and Bruce Owen discuss how to use The Hub as a way to keep your skills sharp and why you should.

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Birdman and Michael Grossman discuss the ins and outs of CCW in AZ and their thoughts about Open Carry and other cary related concerns

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Birdman and Michael discuss how to buy and use Suppessors at The Hub.

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Birdman and Michael Grossman discuss his background and some general information about The Hub's Gun Store and Range

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Just the basic background about your host Rob "Birdman" Hephner, mostly how I got the name and some of my guiding principles.

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